Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!!!!

Hello my dear reders!!!!
I just wanted to say.... Happy New Year!!!
It was an amazing year!!! It was a pleasure to write to you, My favorite readers!! You are the best :D
This year was really great and stardoll had many changes and new things... I hope that 2012 will bring us even more freebies and cool changes... Maybe new offers, clothes, shops, opportunities and even more....!!!!

So now I want to say Happy new year in all the languages that I know :)
Happy new year!!

С Новым Годам! Я люблю вас всех!!!

З Новим Роком вас усіх!!

Shana ezrfhit tova lekulam
שנה אזרחית טובה לכולם!!!

Arabic (I have no arabic keyboard so I wrote the arabic words in english letters):
Sana jadisf caida :))

Glückliches Neues Jahr

Yes I really study or know these languages maybe I have some mistakes but you know I'm just learning!! And arabic I havn't learned for 2 years so I may forgot it... but I studied it for more then 4 years!!

Love you alll!!!!!


Kohav said...

Happy new year ;) שנה אזרחית טובה

Kohav said...
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patush11 said...

חחח תודה מאמי :))

IreneKatsadima1 said...
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IreneKatsadima1 said...

Greek: Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος!Happy new year guys!

foivoula said...

thaaanks:D happy new year to everyone =D

patush11 said...

Cool :) lol

Camirena Guadeloupe Lobey said...

u2 guys!

artico5 said...

happi new Ձ01Ձ!

circca10 said...

OMG :O Ur really smart cutie :) Happy new year!!! :D