Saturday, December 3, 2011

A stardoll glitch! Hurry!!

Hi everyone :)
I have great news!! There is a glitch on stardoll!! And you gonna love it!
I guess that you have already heard about the new sunny bunny store so lool what I found!!

Hurry up and buy it before the stardoll stuff will notice it and change it!!!
I know that they are not so amazing but they are really really cheap!!! So buy them... They might coast 14/10 stardollars (of course ufter stardoll would change it XD)

Enjoy :P

Love you guys <3



circca10 said...

Thanx for the Tipe Patush :D

patush11 said...

Your welcome sweety :D

bracken1234 said...

Got them, Thank you

~ bracken1234

Kohav said...

וואי תודההה :D

10alanacarla said...

I bought them , but I don't like so much :$

patush11 said...

בבקשה כוכב :))

artico5 said...


Ray-Ray said...

I dont think they are a glitch..they havent changed..