Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Something cool :P

Hello my dear stardool lovers :)
I have some good news... I always wanted stordoll to make something like this... And they fanily did it!!!
JUst check this out

That is so cool!! Isn't is?
That's means that from now you guys can change the size f your jewelery and actually to put them in any posission you want!!!
Enjoy :D



circca10 said...

That is really cool. Thanx Patush :P

Mandy said...

WOW Thanks i Didnt Know About Thats :D

patush11 said...

Oh your welcome :)) Even I noticed this by a mistake XD lol

Mandy said...

Lol Well You Did a Great Job xD

patush11 said...

Oh thanks Mandy I'm really glad to hear it :P I hope I helped you :D

artico5 said...

i love that ;)

Daryp said...