Friday, December 23, 2011

See the prices in the beauty parlor :)

Hello ladys :)
A thing that I've been actually waiting for had happened!
Bow you can see the prices of your jewelery and make up in the beauty parlor of your friends(and yours) as well as the brend of the jewelery and of the makeups :)
Isn't it great just check it out:

Credit to chloeeeeeee3
She told me about it :)

Love ya all :)

If you have any quastions about stardoll or about anything else in your life ( For example: school, friends, boys, love, family, self confidence, beauty) You can allways send me a massege or just quetbook me :)
I would be glad to help you :)


circca10 said...

That is soooo cool. And I have a question for you.

patush11 said...

What question :) Just ask me in the stardoll mail :) I would be glad to help you :)

Grammar professional said...

It's not toled it's told

patush11 said...

Opps :) sorry I was typing too fast lol XD

Mandy said...

Thank You :D

patush11 said...

Your welcome :)

Daryp said...


Daryp said...

Love it....Thanks...