Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm an SS again! :D

Yep :)
What should i do with the star dollars and such?
By the way to Mandy,Could you fix up my blogger picture for here.
It says writer instead of writer and i would like my up to date look on it)

And any makeover suggestions cause i am not sure what do do :o

And to all the other bloggers here,Add me so we can talk sometime :D



circca10 said...

Congratulations for being an SS again ;)

patush11 said...

What is your name onstardoll? I would love to add you :))

artico5 said...

:)your doll is so beautiful!!

c; Haley said...

I am Giraffes25 :)- to patush11

artico5-Thanks :D

circca10-Thanks ;3