Friday, November 25, 2011

Unique medoll-Swizzfizz101

Hello there! I would like to present one of the most unique members i know,

Firstly i love her amazing room here

But the thing that i love the very most is her beautiful looks!
I love how it puts scene and girly together almost :)

One of the most creative things about her is her amazing wigs she made!

Please go visit and vote her!

-Haley ;p


circca10 said...

Already voted 5/5. It's absolutly unique. :)

patush11 said...

WOW she is cool!!! I love that style :P

Anonymous said...

well she is not unique=]she saw the wings at the others memebers of stardoll..the first oones who made the wings are the best..i made it 10 days ago....without seeing to another sd user=i discovered it from myself..and ETANA asked me how she could make i really dont like her wings..there are many original ones on stardoll.

Prettymunira11 said...

Cool wigs! =)

Anonymous said...

Hai:3 I'm the owner of the account swizzfizz101. I'd just like to say a thankyou for picking my medoll out for being unique.^^