Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Some cool changes :D

Dear stardoll lover... There is another new and cool change about stardoll!!!
Maybe some of you have already noticed it but for those who didn't... I'll inform you :P

When you join to stardoll you will get new cool gifts :)
Here they are :
- You will get 1000 starcoins!!
- You get these clothes:

- And here is the forniture that you'll get:

Wow!! They are really cool!! And the best part of it is that it's totally free!!
I think that some of them even look like LE forniture and clothes(I mean... the pink dress)

So if you want to join stardoll it's the right time for you :))

Please tell us in the comments... would you miss the old white mirror? or the new stuff are much better....

Love ya all!!!!

If you want me to give you a makeover just ask :) I would love to help you
Don't worry I don't need your password for this!!
I will do the makeover and than post a link to your new look in the next post :))


bracken1234 said...

I Love the New Stuff So much Better :D

~ bracken1234

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering, can you get these clothese in a store in the starplaza? pls write back :) thanks a million

patush11 said...

I believe that you can't buy them or something! The only way to get them is to open a new account :(
I I could buy them I would but unfortunatly it's impossble!!! D:

circca10 said...

Hey Patush11. I <3 ur posts :) Thanx for the tip :D

Ray-Ray said...

I wish this was acalible when i joined :(

Anonymous said...

hey my username is susiegal10 please makeover

Anonymous said...

username niamhe12 please do a makeover thanks a million :D

Anonymous said...

add me xx niamhe12