Sunday, November 20, 2011

Round 3

Here Are The Best 4 Are Getting To The Next Round
Based On Your Votes:
Wow Total 175 Votes!


1/ patush11
53 Votes

2/ Unthinkable4
44 Votes

3/ Kohav
28 Votes

4/ afsha40444
20 Votes

Congratulations Your Going To Be At The Next Round


Only Best 2 Will Be On The last Round

-Good Luck-



patush11 said...

Wo thatks for all your votes :) I'm glad you like my make up :)
So here is my entery:

Hope you like it :))))

Ray-Ray said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ray-Ray said...

Here is my entry:

Thanks :)

^^I deleted the comment above because it was the wrong link :)

Kohav said...

OMG I'm soooooo happy! Thenx ;) Username: Kohav I'ts in my presentation :)

bracken1234 said...

Congratz & Goodluck :D

~ bracken1234

circca10 said...

Love Patush11 make up. Stop by my account and do me a make over. Then send me the link in my suite.

Xoxo Circca10

patush11 said...

Hi Circca10 Here is you makeover
Hope you like it :)

Afsha40444 said...

hi its afsha40444

the pic is here:

its on my presentation!!!!!!!!

Afsha40444 said...

hi its afsha40444

sorry that was the wrong link

go here instead:

its on my presentation!!!!!!!!!!