Monday, November 21, 2011

New SS Doll : IVI Adamou

Today a New Superstars Only Doll She's
IVI Adamou
Ivi Adamou

I Think She's a Model



Anonymous said...

she is a Greek singer!!!by the way my username at stardoll is miss_pretty_-

evoukaki said...

yeah i am from greece an dshe is a singer!!moohoo!!;)) i'm glad to have a medoll of the day a greek singer;DD

Aderfoula....2 said...

Yeah she is from Greece but she is not SO famous..Mistake of stardoll..:/

bracken1234 said...

Never heard of her, Thank you for the post.

~ bracken1234

circca10 said...

She is a beatiful Greek singer ;) Thanx for the post


patush11 said...

I have bever heard about her lol :)
But she seems to be cool :D

foivoula said...

I'm greek, she is a singer but I don't like her xD

Anonymous said...

She's not Greek. She's Cypriot