Saturday, November 26, 2011

James McAvoy

Today a New SuperStars Doll Only
James McAvoy

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patush11 said...

I know him :) He palyed in the movie: Penelope
This is a great romantic film and I reccomend to everyone to watch it ^^

Anonymous said...

he is in x-men: first class? lool.

Aderfoula....2 said...

Yeah Patush I hv seen it too!It's so sweet!<3

circca10 said...

I have seen it too. Love the movie. It's really romantic.

Ps: He's soo cute. Don't you think?


Prettymunira11 said...

I haven't seen Penelope yet i've only seen the trailor

Jamie-Leigh said...

Im Not a Big Fan of him, but I did Like Penelope :)

~ bracken1234

Stárblog said...

Hello :) I know him,becouse he is my favourite actor :) I saw him many films,and yes,he is Professor in X-men first Class :)I love James McAvoy