Thursday, November 3, 2011


Heya Guys,
The first of the November Hotbuys is out! Its a lovely little t-shirt :)
It is an "of-the-shoulder" Top with a tape on the front.
It is 16Stardollars in Fudge! :)
I think it's cute but since im not a SS I can't buy it.. :(
But Tell me what you think in the comments.
Weather you like it or hate it COMMENT! :)
Thank You,
MileyCyrusXoXD XoXo


kohav said...

It's super ugly. I'm just kidding it's amazing.

MileycyrusxoxD said...

Haa :) It's Okay if you don't like it. Other people like it and some don't, it's just peoples opinions ;)

circca10 said...

I really like it. But i really like your blog too. Congratulations ;)

Jamie-Leigh said...

I Like the Top, but its too expensive to buy, thank you for the Post - bracken1234