Sunday, November 13, 2011

Different Prices

Today While i Was Shopping Look What i Found:


Remember it Was Free!
What Do You Have To Say About That?!



MissStardoll said...

It's kind a stupid, cause until now many of us have that lipstick and now you can buy it only if you are a superstar. At the moment I am a superstar but I am not gonna buy it cause I already have it..... I think it's a bit stupid that the lipstick is now only for superstars cause the lipstick is nothing special, at least to me....

Bracken1234 said...

Most people already have it, So I Dont think it Will Sell. Thank you for the Post

~ bracken1234

patush11 said...

Yes1!! I agree with you guys.... no one is actually going to buy it :/

Rannon said...

Is that on sale anymore? If it is how do you get there??