Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Make-Up Is Out!


Wow So Excited To Try Them On
I Didn't Find Them,Maybe Its Only in The US
So If You Didn't Find it Too
Click Here
The Free Lipstick Its Gone

(Thank To Cool_angel4)
If you Haven t Noticed There is One For FreeMost Of Them Were By Starcions
What Do You Think? Did You Buy Them?
-Thanks To Browse In Stardoll-


Daniella said...

I will buy the makeup :D

--rihanna---- said...

Wow I really like them :D I will try them:D

cool_angel4 said...

woow..they r cool, but the free lipstick is gone :(

neverfly27 said...

Wow i really liked how they allowed most of the makeup to be for starcoins, i think it really helps out most of us non - stardolls :)

funnyhikyhe562 said...

i cant find the store???

Prettymunira11 said...

to get the free lipstick paste this

in the url bar =)