Tuesday, October 25, 2011


sorry for not posting this days but I have not ideas what to write!
free items:

Free Sims 3 Pets TV, Cap and upcoming items

~If you are from USA- Log in, go HERE and join the Sims 3 Pets club
~If you're not from USA - Follow these steps:
1. Go to a USA proxy like: OR OR
2. Paste the Stardoll link into the blank box of the proxysite
3. Click Go/Browse or just hit Enter on your keyboard
4. Now paste the Sims 3 Pets club link into the blank box of the proxy site
5. You should have automatically joined the club.
6. You can now leave the proxy and go to Stardoll as usual
You should find the cap in a Sims 3 Pets bag and
the TV in a Starpalza box in your suite. :)
The other gifts will arrive as soon
as the club reaches the required number of members. (:

Free SS Only Graffiti Heart Decoration
-If you are Superstar and you live in Poland, Log in and Enter comp HERE
-If you don't live in there but you are Superstar, Follow these steps -

1)Go to Poland web proxy like OR OR
2)In the blank box of proxy site Paste stardoll link:
3)Click GO OR Hit Enter on keyboard
4)Log in stardoll
5)Write anything in Subject and Text fields and
Click Enter Competition button

6)Wait till loads with text 'Your contest entry has been submitted'
7)Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual
Decoration should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [:

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