Monday, September 5, 2011

News & more

Hello my lovely readers!=)
Today we have:
New sup doll:
I don't like his face!!!:( What do u think?

Pictures from his real life:

and something more..
While I was shopping from new clothes I found this ANTDOTE dress...:
I haven't seen more clothes..Because at the start I thought thas was a new line of NEW clothes on the Antidote shop...But their not..I think that sd have made a mistake again!


Wishes and kisses from Danae(xoxo)X)


Mandy said...

I Bought The Antidote Dress ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw the same dress in the archive shop!

Shannon said...

its antidote but when u get home all it says is "archive" :( whats going on??

Anonymous said...

It's not antidote it's archive. I don't think they'd ever re-release a limited ed like that it would undermine the whole concept of limited clothes and would make people think twice about paying the hefty price tag. The dress was in starbazaar for under 8 SD last week...I don't remember what shop it was from.