Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Feature Coming To Stardoll Soon!


Wooow Cant Wait!


Anonymous said...

that would be so cool, yet so annoying. ( first comment btw :D )

add me: Disco_diva_100 ^.^

Anonymous said...

that would be really fun... its great but as she said before annoying...

Mandy said...

I Think Its So Going To Be Fun Like If You Entered Your Bed Room,You Will Be Wearing You Pj's.
I Also Think its Cool,But We Are Not Used To...Im a Member Since 2009 i Dont Think i Can Get Use To It..

Aderfoula....2 said...

it's very nc i think!!=)

Mariaa said...

Wow!This is really cool!!!

Chica-go-girl said...

When will this feature be on Stardoll?I can't wait it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

yeah. ive been a member since 2007! man, it would take time to get use to it.

( add me : disco_diva_100 )
first comment is meee :D )