Sunday, September 4, 2011

How I look :)

Hi stardoll lovers :))
I know that sometimes you may be interested in how your writes look in real life...
So today I'm gonna show you how I look :))
Of course I'm not gonna show you my pictures XD
I'm only going to show you how I look by using stardoll
I mean that I made my medoll to look like me as possible as I can
So here I am:
I have the same haircut but my hair is longer
Yes this is the makeup that I usualy use... but sometimes I'm using some grin eyeshadow.... which makes my brown-green eyes look greener XD
And my nose is a little bit rounder in it's tip.

So that's all :)
If you want try to make your own look and show it right here :))
We would be really glad to see who we are writing for XD lol


Please vote me for Miss Stardoll World :)))
Thanks for reading my post :D


Mandy said...

Hello,I Wanted To Share My Look Too:

1-Yes i Do Wear Nerd Glasses.
2-Yes i Do have beauty Mark On My Checks.
3-My Hair is a Lil Longer.
4-I Always Smile Cus i Make PPl Laugh. :))

patush11 said...

Cool :)))You looks great :D