Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some useful tips :)

Hi SN&T readers :D
Today I would love to write about some useful tips for the non-superstar members!
I know that the nono superstars want to stay pretty and cool... but sometimes it's too hard!!1 Couse all the cool items are only for the superstars...

So here are some cool tips and tricks only for you guys :)
This look is a totally non-superstar look!! I mean that every item that I used here I'v got it for free... or I bought it for starcoins :))

This is what I have used to get this look:
I don't think that it is too complicated to do it :))

And here are some makeup ideas for superstars:

That's all :))
I hope I halped you :)) or inspaired you :))


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Nevermisslyrics said...

Where do yhuu get that flowery thingy???

patush11 said...

I don't remember XD I think from the shop in the starplaza!!! but I'v got it when I wasn't superstar!!

Anonymous said...

It was free a few months ago, I think. I think the free earrings were superstar too.

patush11 said...

Oh :(( if yes.... so I'm sorry!! I just forgot that they are for superstars :(((