Wednesday, August 17, 2011

SDN&T Miss Stardoll World!

Ihave a contes for you! Since alot of countries caan not participate in MSW i've thought of having our own!
To enter you mus dress your doll up, with beautiful clthing, hair and makeup. You can save it in your album, you can TP(tinyPic) it and send it to me, or email it to me!

With the picture of your doll you must write why you want/deserve it, no putting others down either!!!

This is open to writers aswell!

I judge you all equally like how hard you put into your design because ss and royalty have it easier, even if i know you really well you will still be considered a contestant so no perks (;

I am looking very forward to reading your designs, make sure to inform me though you entered!

This will last a couple weeks so I can get all of you in!


(This is my personel email ,only I see it no one else)

Now the good part there are prizes!

1st Place: 20sd or 20sd worth of gifts (i'll sell you a speacl dress aswell)

2nd: Place 3ss gifts of your choice

3rd Place: 1 ss gift




neverfly27 said...

Awesome:) I emailed you my submission sorry again if the picture is a little small i did not know how big:)

skittle911 said...
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skittle911 said...

Ahhhhh i accidentley pressed delete :s I havn't reseaved your email yet maybe tomorrow but ill contact you if i don't recieve it later!

Mandy said...

Amazing Idea ;D

funnyhikyhe562 said...

im in! my stardoll name is Funnyhikyhe562

shine star said...

oh i am excited amazing idea :]

evoukaki said...


christyrocks68 said...

Username: christyrocks68

Pigehdesigner said...

I emailed my submission :) (user: Pigehdesigner)

Irenirenchik:} said...

emailed you

.GreenyGirl. said...

my e-mail has been sent ;)

neverfly27 said...

when will the winners be announced?