Friday, August 26, 2011

A makeover for you :D

Hi everyone :D
Sorry for not posting for awaile :(( I was really busy!
So anyways today I thought to make adifferent post... I mean not like the previous ones! *-*
In another words.... if befor in this blog we always helpd you with your medoll... gave you makeup tourturials... makovers and other thips and ways to keep your medoll look wonderful!
So now I thout that you deservs to look wonderful too!!! :D
So while I was searching for some videos on I have fond a really cool channel of a irld from the USA and she gives such a great tips.. so I will give you a link for her channel:
And her are some of my favorite beauty tips...
Skin care tip:
How to make a cute shelv:
A cute and fast made bag XD:
Really cool beauty tips!!(I reccomend):
How to make a Lady gaga bow hair style(ssooo cute!! :D)

So there are many other cool videos...
Take care of yourself!! Your bedoll is just a doll! don't forget about yourself :D
You are beautiful!! Becouse in every girl there is a beauty!!
Even if you are young and actually can't wear any makeup... you can stell take care of your skin... your care... your body! Trust me you will look fresh and beautiful ;)

By the way I'm superstar again :) So if you can visit my sale :))

Hope I helped you :)))

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