Sunday, August 7, 2011

How To Get "Big Eyes"

I always Get asked How I make Big Eyes, here is the tutorial how (:

What you need, and how to apply the make up (There is a note for the lips in the picture below)

1. Apply a white eye contact to your medolls eye.

2. Take the blue eye contact (That's my choice you can choose any) put it in as close as the white contact is showing, if you see the white pupl move the coloured contact back.

3. Take 4 non-ss sunny bunny eyelashes and apply them to the top part of your eye, if you decid to have the hair im using make sure the eyelashes (like so) are covering the bangs.

4. Take 4 non-ss bottom lashes and apply them exactley and far away from the eye. Take non-ss eyeshadow stencil thing and apply under top lashes.

5. Apply black tear drops around the eyes.

6. Take the heart stickers from Glam'R'us and put them in the non-covered place of your eye!!!

( I made the eyes green on an effict, stardoll dosn't actually sell them)

All done! I worked really hard on it and your feed backs would be wonderfull! Please tell me what you like in the comments below!



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