Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1 Week Left!


Omg! Cant Wait!
But There is Something im Worried About...
Last Year i Wanted To Join But Stardoll Said
"Your Country is Not Allowed To Join Miss Stardoll World"
Im So Afraid That Might Happen This year Again,
If They Said That Again ill Change My Country:


MSW Winner Will Get:
1- MSW Crown Just Like The One on The Pic Above
2- Ipod With Your Stardoll Name on it
3- Winner Will Be Royalty Member
4- 1 Year Superstar Membership
5- Her Doll Created on Dress-up
5- 1000 Stardollars
6- 2000 Starcoins
7- Many Clothes
8- MSW Sash
Example Of The Ipod

Can You Please Vote Me As MSW :3


shine star said...

wowwwwwwwwww so many things :]
[sherlock-marina on stardoll]

peggy_sue said...

Don't worry. They won't say your country can't participate. :)
This time all countries of Stardoll can participate.

patush11 said...

I want this ipod with my name *-*!!
Ohhh I want to be MSW

eva said...

i want the ipod iwant the msw crown!!!(evoukaki on stardoll) :DDDD♥

cool_angel4 said...

omg this is soo cool....i care the most for the ipod but i probably wont participate cause im not as good as xoxo-pink-xoxo, patush11 or anybody else :/ but i will vote for patush11 and good luck :)