Friday, July 29, 2011

Something cool :)

Hi stardoll lovers :)
Sorry for not posting.. but I'm really busy this month... sorry :( I'll try to post more!!!!
But just to all the Stardoll New & Tips reader... I'm giving out some interesting iunformations... dor you.... many stardolls.. just even don't know it!!! So I'll tell you :))

So .. while my younger sister was playing on I saw that the following thing...
Just check this out...:

That means... that if you join to stardoll from this site... you will get all this beautiful clothes :)) They all are soooooo sweet... just look at them :))

So if you are not a member of stardoll yet... or you want to make a new account join stardoll now... and you'll get all this sweet clothes!!

BTW.... if you are asking why made this.... the answer is... that they have made it becouse they are closed... and they wan to make a little gift to your fans :)))

So enjoy


xLollystokje said...

I love it! too bad im already a member ):

Anonymous said...

{ I did this for my new account ]

HEY EVERYONE ! Msg Stardoll's Costumer Service under ' FEEDBACK ' && ask them to give everyone these items ! Wouldn't it be so cool !
So everyone just keep asking stardoll to bring these barbiegirl items for all the members!

patush11 said...

Yes I agree with you... maybe if many members would ask them to give everyone thius clothes they will give.... We can try :)

Anonymous said...

not to be rude but i only like the brown skirt,Its all too girly for me,Im not really girly im more of a tomboy-ish kinda person.

patush11 said...

Yes ... it's great that you ton't like it!! Becouse if everyone loved the same things... our world was sooo boring... everyone has his own taste :D And we must respect each other's chice, style, taste.. :))

Anonymous said...

This can be done just by registering on stardoll again? Not so only through a login? because I already have an account ..? how to do it?