Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New shop,and things!!

Hello guys!How are u?Today is very hot here on Greece
and I'm sad because all my friends had left for their holidays and I have
none to talk with!!
Anyway,I think that you don't care how feel so let's get start
with news:
While I was shopping I found this:
it sounds very good for non-superstars!
They are almost the same!So what you've got to loose,go and buy them!
I was searching for some shops and I found This one (lool XD) Film Theory!

it is awesome!The clothes are unique!I loved them from the first look!
Bye xoxo Danae!=]


Anonymous said...

Wow...I don't love the shoes but thanks for pointing that out! If I ever do buy them, I'd get the cheaper ones. I never even noticed, again thanks.

P.S. Don't worry about how much you're posting when you have useful info like that. I'm sure it's very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I bought the top, skirt and sleeve-thingys first day. I love the decor but I'm still in the "saving all my money for clothes phase."

Mandy said...

Please Girls,That What Blogs Do,Everything New In Stardoll We Post it Even Though You Know It,Some Dont So Hope You Understand ;(