Thursday, July 7, 2011

LE Clothes Coming Soon!!!!!


I Was Trying To Find LE Spoilers For About 2 Hours
& Finally Found it :D


(The Pictures Are Made 100% By Me)
Try To Earn Stardollars From Now,Or Buy Cu's They Might Be Expensive


Anonymous said...

this is reall y good! i saved 150 stardollars, i knew it was coming soon! :)

Aderfoula....2 said...

I want them!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Mandy said...

150 is Not Enough,You Need More Than 3000 To Buy Them All

Anonymous said...

O M G! They really are THAT GORGEOUS! I just got off my other game and checked to see if they posted more spoilers and you did :D Thx so much for posting~! I'm loving it! WOW!

Mandy said...

Your Very Welcome,i Cant Wait For Them :D

Anonymous said...

Do you think they'll drop Friday or Monday or today?

xhenithebest1 said...

please can you tell when will come the season of le? today?
i saved 3300 sd :D

Mandy said...

well Since First LE Season They Always Come Out At Monday,But The Last Season was Out Was Not On Monday So i Have No Idea if its Monday Or No...