Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hello everyone :)
Me and the owner of this blog are making a really cool contest!! And I think you gonna
L-O-V-E IT!!!
Because the first place prize is: A free superstar Membership!! That you can win!!!

In this contest you have to Invite as many people as you can!!
The more you Invite, More chances that you will get your shiny superstar membership! :)

So all you have to do is:
1. Write in the comment that you are in!
2. Invite your stardoll friends, your real friends,
Your family members.... and other people you know to follow this blog!
3. Make sure that all the people you invite are following Us.
4. Write the nicknames (Follower name) right down in the comments.
5. Then we will check if you really invited this people.
6. WIN your superstar membership ;)

1. Don't say followers names that are already following as
(We will check... so even don't try!)
2. To win your superstar membership ,
you have to invite not less than 20 new followers.
3. Have fun ;)


So the prizes are:
First place: A shiny superstar membership ;)
Second place: 4 cool superstar gifts :))
Third place: 2 cool superstar gifts ;)


So start Inviting now!!!
The contest ends on 20 July :)

Have a nice day :))
Yours patush11

Don't forget to vote me 5/5 and to check out my sale ;)


MissStarBlue said...
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neverfly27 said...

Hey I am in:)--- my follower name is sarah but my blogger thingy is neverfly27

- my step cousin i asked for her to join her name is also sarah and her username is sarah--- shes following on twitter?

i told my bff about the site. shes not allowed to have email but she does read your site:) shes addicted to it!

the rest of my friends don't care about stardoll:(

i hope that i can count for some kind of place i would have invited more but i have no other girl relatives, i have 5 brothers:( and the rest of my cousins are boys-.-

- thanks for reading :P

Sandie said...

Hey,I'm in,I'll get you alot of followers!!!Btw the blog is great :]!

Catelin97 said...

I'm in!

Since no one I know in real life plays stardoll :( I'm gonna invite my stardoll friends and they can comment that I invited them. Thanks!

Kathy said...

Catelin97 invited me :) This is a good blog for free stuff! Other blogs are like soo out dated!

Anonymous said...

Catelin97 invited me! My username on stardoll is HopGirlGymnast!

Ray-Ray said...

neverfly27 sent me :)

Anonymous said...

catelin97 sent me is it to late for me to comment? oh well.