Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to become superstar free :))

Hi guys :))
I have found a cool way to earn money to your PayPal account! And buy with this money... a cool shiny superstar membership :)))))
Ok so in this site you don't have to give out your password or anything else!! It's just a way to earn money!

So in this site you can work as a freelancers!
You may ask ... what it is.... So the answer is simple: it's a worker which is working at home! And getting his money on his PayPal account!

I'm working on this site as a tranclator... I mean that I'm tranclating sites, books, articles and anything else from English to Hebrew or from English to Hebrew... From English to Ukrainian and from Ukrainian to English :))) You can tranclate any languege!!
Also if you are good Photoshop... Animations, JavaScripts, HTML,C++, or anything else you can work and get money :))

I'm working right now on a progect so as soon as I'll finish it I'll get my money :))

If you want to join this site-----> Click on this ads ;)


Mandy said...

Dont You Think Its Stealing?

patush11 said...

No I don't think so ...

Mandy said...

Did it Realy Works?
cus i Have My Cousin :))

patush11 said...

I think so but now when I'm reading it ... To get job you must bid on it with real money.. :( I knew... It was just to perfect to be real :((

Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound rude, for someone who translates with english, you misspelled alot of words!!!

patush11 said...

I know :P It's just becouse I'm writing too fast XD
But when I'm translating for money I'm trying to be more careful XP

Joyaloverock said...

but does it realy works? which are the trics? cant believe that its that easy and no trics..there must be something