Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whats hot?

Hi guys :D Did you missed me?
Sooo.... First of all I'm really sorry for not posting because you know.... it's the end of the year!! And I have so many exams :(
I think that in a week or two I won't be so busy and I'll post more :D

Today I'm gonna tell you what's hot this summer and what clothes you must have to say fashionable....
So first of all as some of you may notice that the 80's fashion is starting to come back!!! I must say that I'm totally against this fashion (it's soooooo fag) But every trend is passing very fast so don't worry :)) (except of the skinny jeans that seems to be so fashionable for years XD)

As you have already seen most of the dresses on stardoll are starting to be "bigger"... that's one of the indicates of the 80's -90's fashion!
This summer fruits and flowers prints are totally fab.... and they looks really fresh in the summer :)
Blue or a light blue nail polish is a trend too....

And now for the colors.... light pink and "peach" colors... and even light orange.. or any other fresh color!!

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