Sunday, May 29, 2011

Very Pretty Makeup

Hello Guys, i'm sorry I havn't been posting, it's the end of the year for me and like patush I have many things going on, i am also currentley trying really hard to get skittle911 back but she won't give it back and stardoll refuses to message me back.

I created this look and I think it's stunning! I used it on skittle911 but the girl who hacked me changed my doll, is there any way SDNT memebers that I could get it back sooner? Also xoxo-pink-xoxo, how long did it take you to get your account back? And what exactly did you do to et it back, Just tell me in the comments below or mail me at Jahnvi100,
skittle911 (Lylha)


Mandy said...

Luv it 5/5 ;))

Anonymous said...

ewww.. thats rotten :( it looks retarded