Monday, May 23, 2011

Hello SDNT, I have some bad news

I have been hacked, I was foolish with my password and gave it to a girl named BabyHennax. I wanted superstar so baddley that I fell for her stupid trick. I have sent stardoll a message telling them BabyHennax hacked my account. I am just warnng you all that she is a hacker and don't let anyone make you ss unless they are giving you a code. I am currentley using Jahnvi100 as my account. I have symponthy for al who has had their account back and I am hoping I can get the same from you.


Anonymous said...

i dont think that many people would feel sorry for you now... like how foolish can ya get!

Mandy said...

Omg! How Could You Give Her Your Pass,Even If She Made Girl Superstars Dont Belive Her. ill Try My Best Dont Worry.. :(

Mandy said...

Hey Sweetie,Did You Tryied To Click Forgot Password?

Libstarnkitty said...

omg, if there is anything i can do, i will do it!x