Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stardoll News & Tips News


I Have Great News & Bad News
Good News:
- Im The New Owner Of The Blog
- If You Want To Become a Writer Please Contact With Me
Bad News:
- Its So Sad To See Mariaisabelfan
(The Real Owner Of The Blog) Quiting Stardoll

-Please If You Need Any Questions Contact With Me On Stardoll-


patush11 said...

Hi I would really like to become one of the new writers in your cool blog :)) I know alot about stardoll ... and I'm an old member (since 2007).. :D

Anonymous said...

hi i really wants to become a writer of urs awsome blog and i think i am enough capable to write urs blog cuz in real life i am a story writer and i have written and published my books more then 123 and maybe u have read my famous book [ONE MORE QUESTION]SO IF I CAN WRITE SO MUCH BOOKS SO WHY DONT URS BLOG OH MY NAME ON STARDOLL IS sherlock-marina and i am member of stardoll since i guess 2008 and i know now each and everything about stardoll and stardoll tips too........