Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm the new writer :)/ somey-1

Welcome evrey one i'm the new writer in this beautifull blog!!
My nikname at stardoll is somey-1, my real name is Hala, i came from israel, i'm arabic girl! i'm 14 years old.
This blog is the first blog that i knew♥♥♥, i love it as well i love stardoll!,

I wanna say thank you so much for Mandy( xoxo-pink-xoxo) for giving me this beautiful opportunity!! to write her!

I hope that you like my posts! i love to make them colorful!




patush11 said...

Welcome somey-1 :)) I'm a wtiter too :) You said that you are from Israel...I lived in Israel for 13 year...
את יודעת עברית? אם כן תעני:)
וברוכים הבאים לבלוג... בהצלחה :D

Hala/somey-1 said...

כן אני יודעת
שלום לך חברה!!

patush11 said...

איזה מגניב זה :D
חחח ואף אחד לא יבין אותנו XP
ושלום גם לך חברה