Thursday, April 21, 2011

HB outfits by you(comps) *UPTIDE

Hii guys!

i want to tell you about an idea that i thought in!

so evrey time a Hot Buys out i want to choose tow of the best outfits that you will made with the HB item, and i will put them in a post here, as the best tow HB's outfits!!

for the winners i will put the link of there rooms with the post so viewers could vote you!!
an example you put a comment with a link for the outfit you could use tinypic the outfit could be like this

it could be with the ptices too! and the mark!!

like this:

cowboy boots: 3sd (otto)

Hotbuys leather jkt: 18sd (evil panda)

let them eat cake tank: 10sd( bisou)

diy ripped jeans:6sd ( biosu)

or you could send link for the prices too!

**so start sending outfits in the comments so i could post them on

so tell me what do you think of the idea will you be active??

xoxo somey-1

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