Thursday, March 3, 2011

Again with my account being deleted!

Oh my goodness, what is with it with stardoll, people have reported me for no reason at all, they are making false reports and deleting my account. I have sent stardoll plenty of messages telling them that I want my account back and all those reports were fake and false.


Cla said...

Oh god! It's injustice! Stardoll doesn't being delleted account because false reporteds doesn't truth.

xxevie23xx said...

Surely you're doing something wrong? Or are Stardoll just messing things up again?

skittle911 said...

But what makes no sense to me is that I didn't use bad language, i didn't make fun of people. Stardoll is really messing up because there are people out there who know how to delete by accepting certain friend requests or just by visiting you

Anonymous said...

Well, i think that stardoll is starting to go crazy... deleting your account?!! more than once?!! i think there is something REALLY wrong in Sweden (stardoll headquarters)! No offence to the Swedes reading this

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that my stardoll account got deleted ....I did not play on stardoll for nearly a year and now when I checked my account it was gone! I didn't do anything wrong and I did hear a never ending list of innocent deleted stardolls ...this has to be fixed surely!