Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something quick....

Hey guys. Just something quick b4 i get back to studying.... 

Have you ever wondered what Stardoll users REALLY look like? I don't look as fabulous as my MeDoll. I wish I did. I'm only 11, I don't wear make-up. I wish I could. But that's the WHOLE point of Stardoll! 
I am here to show you some look-a-likes of people I know in real life, including myself and what they really look like. I'm not gonna use any real pictures but I'll do my best to make the medoll look like them.


Alya Osman (that's me!)
Yes, I do have a mole on my left cheek it's always there. My hair and eyes are brown. I wear gloss, my hair is kinda short. I tie it back in a pony tail. I don't wear fancy earrings or mascara or tanks. I wear glasses and school uniform and a smile. Although my MeDoll has intense lips I am always smiling!

Jasmina (my real life BFF, glitterjazz on SD!)

Unlike me Jazzy wears earrings. Plain studs so I represented them with stars. I haven't worn them for so long that my ears aren't pierced anymore! Jazzy is my BFF, always has and always will be :) She is always there for me and she is constantly smiling and laughing at my jokes.

Anja (great friend, anja.k on SD!)

Anja might be (next to Jazzy) one of the most of my friends to make her MeDoll look like herself. She is great, happy with the way she looks and hilarious. She is also a total sports fanatic but in a good way. We have lots in common but when it comes to appearance Annie's hazel eyes and light brown hair are totally different to mine.

Zoe (awesome friend, Boxcd4 on SD)

It was quite hard making one for Zoe because she usually wears her hair in braids and the only style Stardoll has doesn't match hers. She comes from many different countries so her physical features sort of show this. For example her hair, her eyes, her skin etc.

Rawan (amazing, moonflowerrocks on SD!)
Rawan's may have been the easiest since she looks quite simple (but in a good way Rawan! BTW she reads this blog.) She seems pretty happy with the way she looks but I can never really tell (:

Mariam (my cousin, ilysm! Also prettyyuya on SD)

Mariam (or Yuya)'s was pretty hard especially the lips so I settled for the same as mine because we look a lot alike. Mariam's hair is long (at least the last time I saw her which was a YEAR ago) and she always smiles. She is my older cousin so I always look up to her.

(sorry I know some of them are blurry!)

Alya (me/caramelcake1999)
Jazzy (glitterjazz)

Anja (anja.k)

Zoe (Boxcd4)

Rawan (moonflowerrocks)

Mariam (prettyyuya)

Although I don't know all my SD friends in real life I have some great ones:

and of course...

So, in conclusion people love the world of Stardoll because they can be anything they want to! But I personally think my friends (the ones I have shown at least) are beautiful inside out!



Mandy said...

Hey,You know You Look so Fab Sweetie <33
Wait Until u See Me:(NERDY)
Thats Right i Do Wear Nerd Glasses All The Time,Yes i Do Wear a Pearl Earrings All The Time(But i Take it off On Sleep)
and yes i do have a beauty mark on my cheek And i Love To Make My Hair On The Side.=D


Anonymous said...

lol!:) i look like u in real life!:) i have a mole on my left cheek and i have brown hair and brown eyes!!!

Mandy said...

Realy?Cool ;D

Anonymous said...

@ Mandy
Awesome :) I wear glasses 2!I think u look fab too <3

@ Anonymous
Kewl :)

moonflowerrocks said...

Thanks for putting me in!!! But you forget the mole I have on my left cheek. LOL! ;) <3

Anonymous said...

Hey u sound just lyk meh in real life :) I'm 11 tew :D I have brown hair and I wear glasses tew and I have brown eyes :D