Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Account + Email Are HACKED!!!

i Cant Belive it i Forgot My Password 7 i Cant Have a New One
Because My Email is Also Hacked!!
Please If Anyone Know How To Return it Back please!!!!


FionaK20 said...

Maybe message stardoll with your email old password and username and give them your new email and password? Also do you have facebook linked up to your stardoll? You may be able to log in that way and reset your account!

Anonymous said...

i was hacked so i made a new doll and went to help and looked up help i'm being hacked and stardoll will tell u what 2 do

skittle911 said...

It's ok! I have tride to get your account back and stardoll mailed me immediatley but it wants specific information, like payment refrences, date of birth and original e-mail, and to explain exactley what happened. but of course i don't know this about you but if you send it to:
then i will be able to give you your account back that is if i get it back for you. I hope you read this comment
News & Tips writer

13it said...

That's horrible! Have you ever given out your password or email to anyone? Do anyone of your friends know your email account log-in info? I suggest messaging Stardoll about it. I hope you get your account back soon. :)

Mandy said...

Thanks Fionak i Do Have a Facebook stardoll account but how?

mmlovemm said...

Hey,Mandy i Know How Hacked You Its Hdil,Because She Always Ask's For Your Account Because Of The 4000 Starpoints Hair!!

Mandy said...

My Sister Discovered Who Hacked Me,Its Hdil Sister.
She Wont Give Me Back The Account,until i Make Her Royalty.
But Thats Not My Problem,She Should be a Superstar For a Year,But No She Said Make me a superstar For a Year!!!
Omg i Think i Wont Get My Account Back T~T