Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lets Have An Interview With chai_bbs


Yesterday a lot of girls Wanted to have the Interview,
But the choise was Random
chai_bbs was the lucky girl who won !!
Here The Interview:


Q1) How Did You Find Out About Stardoll?
A) I Found It Out On When i Was Playing With One Of The Dolls. i Accidentally clicked On the Stardoll Logo And i Found That Stardoll Was Interesting. I Made My Choice To Join It.

Q2) How long Have You Been Using It?
A) Like....About 1 And a Half Year.
Q3) Have You ever Got Hacked?,When?,By Who? A) Yes,On 30th Of January 2011,Innadiamants.
Q4) Have You Ever Won Any Contest On Stardoll?,Which One?,When?
A) Yes,NCG,8th Of October 2010.

Q5) Do You Have a dream On Stardoll?,Why?
A) Yepp,Being a Royalty & winning CG,I Was Waitting For a Long Time & My Friends Already Won Them.

Q6) Do You Share Your Account With Any one?
A) Umm...Not Yet.
Q7) Do You Have Any Special Hobbies?
A) Yes,graphic Designing.

Q8) Since Its V-Day how Did You Show Your Love And Care To Your Love Ones?
A) Well...No BFs,Im Still 10..I Did care of My Besties,Chara & Aina


Its Was A Great Conversation,Every Month we will Have Interview
You Can Enter The Contest -Design The Cake-
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patush11 said...

Wow nice interview!! :)
I hope next month I will be intreviewed too :))