Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I was Deleted!

My account skittle911 was deleted! Stardoll sent me a letter saying that I can't ask for peoples accounts, which I didn't because i know the rules, I have a feeling that this one girl (user name remains silent) deleted me. I don't know who she was but her being more powerful then me just kept reporting, not to mention the nasty requests, but i blocked her account fortunatley. If someone want to give me a back up account, I would be greatful!
Thanks so much!
I really hope my account will be back soon!



what a pitty!!!!

Anonymous said...

Omgggg!!! poor you :( I fell so sorry for you :(

Mandy said...
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Mandy said...

You Know,Many Girls are Like That,Today a Girl Was Saying Loseer, Oh Sorry For Calling u Loser Not!
Over 1,000,000 Girls in Stardoll Are Realy Mean =C

Anonymous said...

skittle I can give you a backup account to use if you want :). Look me up on stardoll turk_one

Caty said...

Um, why do you need to ask for a backup account? Just make a new one instead of... asking for one. You know, like you got in trouble for.