Saturday, February 12, 2011

Design Your Presentation


So Today im Going To Show You How Do You Have Shadows,
Glowing Or Flashing,etc
In Your Presentation,Just Follow The Steps:
(First Of All,I'm Using FireFox So i Dont Know If it Works On Intenet)


1)Open Your Presentation,Then Open a New Tab And Write

2)Find Any Thing u Like In Witty Profile

3)Highlight The Thing

4)Pull The Thing Into Your Presentation

that's It So Simple
If Your Having Any Problem Just Send a Comment ill Reply


Anonymous said...

That's really helpful!
Definitely do more of these posts!
I will definitely try it out!
Natalie x :)
Stardoll Name - Babyxnatalie

Anonymous said...

It's nice. But,I think it's just not fair. All of us (who make that quotes on witty)spent a lot of time making them. & then someone will just copy it. If you want cool press,just ask (pay for that 5 sd)or learn how to use HTML codes.
Nina :)
Stadoll Name - Bffprinceza ♥