Friday, January 7, 2011

Make-Up Tutorial

Hey guys! I know this isn't really my stuff but I am going to show you a glossy lips/smoky eyes make-up tutorial:

Start with no make-up or accessories and a hairstyle that isn't blocking your eyes.

Choose a shade of lipstick slightly darker than your lips and use it to make a thin outline inside them.

Add some gloss, and the lips are done!

Add some white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye

Add a darker shade around your eye: blacks, browns and grays work best.

Add some black liner to the inner corner of the eyes.

Apply lengthening and/or volumizing mascara.

Add relevant blush, peachy and pink colors work well.

Choose a hairstyle, up-dos are good for this look. 

Play around with accessories, fake lashes add a very confident and sophisticated "I can do anything" look.


Congratulations! You just went from drab to fab =] Did you like the tutorial? Should I maybe do  them more often?

Tell me in comments! 



Anonymous said...

wow I really love this make up!!
You wshould make more ^^
I really love this blog !!!
I visit it every day... in this blog I always find what's new and hot on stardoll and also.. I really love the way you write :)
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Rawan said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! It's amazing!!! I love this blog and it helps me a lot!!!
the only thing sad is that i am not a superstar... ='(. xoxo, Rawan.
(ps: anyone reading notice that i want u to visit my stardoll 'moonflowerrocks')

Mandy said...

it Looks Amazing on You <3


GwynnaVive said...

Very well done! You've laid everything out step by step and the graphics really help show how to achieve a great result! I'd love to see more tutorials like this, showing different looks, from mild to extreme!