Friday, December 17, 2010

What to beware of

Hey guys! Today I logged on to find this in my friend requests. These are the sort of things you should watch out for:

This girl is faking to be Callie.Stardoll, (name blocked to avoid embarrassment) NEVER accept a request like this. It is nearly ALWAYS a hacker. She is Non SS, saying that she promises me a suite makeover if i add her. The hacker installs a little link in the accept button that gives them your account info, including your PASSWORD. They can also find your IP address and track you down in real life.

Be careful readers! Never accept a request like this! For anyone who has a school holiday like me, enjoy it :)



Mandy said...

Omg,How Could She Do This!
Thank You Huni For Telling Us :)


Anonymous said...

IKR? It's really annoying! No prob :)

Kerry said...

Something like that almost happend to me but I didnt add her! I actualy did get hacked without me knowing.How did i find out? I found out a week later AFTER I came back from my school trip which we left on monday morning and arrived back at sunday late evening. The hacker ended up selling most of my clothes and my very very old and rare DKNY bike and sold it for 5sd's! I looked around to see if anyone else was selling the same bike and this girl was selling it for 200 sd's!