Monday, December 20, 2010

Stardoll News&Tips Tweeter&New Layout!

Heyy everyone!It's mariaisabelfan!So sorry I havent been writing I'm so busy with school but now we have holidays so I will post every day (:
A big thanks to the writers who have been writing every day and kept the blog active ♥ I really appreciate it!

Anyway as you may have noticed I changed the layout of the blog.I chose for the first time a black background with light pink letters!I hope you like it because it took me hours :\ I also changed the header!
Thanks a lot to Mandy (xoxo-pink-xoxo) who created it ♥

I also made a twitter account for Stardoll News &Tips!If you follow you will get notificationd for new posts,competitions e.t.c

Oh and not to forget!We reached 300 followers!Thanks you so much I never thought the blog would be so popular!
Gotta close now! Byeee  :]


faux.fuchsia said...

I like the new layout (;

Anonymous said...

I love it! Thanks :)

missnikyfashion said...

Stef!! Congratulations !! It was definately worth your while!! I have told you that a black background would suite perfectly!!
;) Have fun today at the cinema!!

Mandy said...

Thank You For Using My Banner Huni,i Hope You Loved it ;D


Anonymous said...

Ooh! You made that banner Mandy? Luv it :)

mariaisabelfan said...

Oh you made it?I was trying to remember who made this header but i had forgotten :\
I edited the post crediting you :)