Saturday, December 18, 2010

Starbazaar changes!

Hey guys! As you know (thanks to xoxo-pink-xoxo) Non-SS can now buy from Starbazaar if they have 500SP or over and a verified email address. Yesterday Stardoll gave Superstars a limit of 10pcs to sell every 24 hours, which is really unfair on people who make a lot of money from Starbazaar, especially designers. You probably got this in your inbox (click to enlarge):

So now, there is NO LIMIT for the stuff you designed. There is for other stuff which is a shame on collectors and what really stinks is that if someone has something nice in their bazaar and they already sold 10 items (excluding designs!) Stardoll won't let you buy it so it can be 'fair'. They say to send feedback to the official Stardoll blog so feel free!


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