Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some changes and magazine update :)

Hey girls! Today there was a little change on Stardoll when I logged on :)
Do you like it? I was searching for more changes but I don't think there are any more.
Well, Epiphany (the store Mandy was talking about) opened outside of search and it looks like this:

I made the magazine website, but not the first issue yet and you can visit by clicking HERE.
Do u like the logo? Well, there are still entries for jobs available. So far I have LOADS of model entries, but not enough and I need graphic designers and an editor! Please read the post on the magazine since it has all the details. Sign up for jobs through my GB, this post or the magazine!



missnikyfashion said...

I'd love to be a model!!

Anonymous said...

Sure :) I added u to the list!