Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Magazine!

Hey guys/gals! I really got into graphic designing lately, so I decided to start a Stardoll magazine and call it Extravagant! The magazine will be monthly and you are the FIRST to here of it :) I am choosing some staff for the magazine and I need:

1 co-owner/editor
 2 graphic designers and
10 (probably less) models!
1 covergirl (out of 10 models)

So if u are interested, tell me! I will pick the prettiest models, the most professional graphic designers and the most wide and open eyed editor/co-owner.

The judging will begin after a certain number of entrants :) The co-owner will have to be someone I like and get along with. If i dont choose you it doesn't mean that! Bear in mind the whole magazine is based on Stardoll :)

 The job DOES pay but indirectly, it is anything worth 10 stardollars in gifts or buying from a Starbazaar monthly. Only the designers and editor get paid models have their names mentioned since they are only temporary and the covergirl has a mini-interview.

First Issue comes out February! I know, it needs some planning :)



Mandy said...

Well,Good Luck With The Magazing Hope it Be On The Top 10 Best Magazines.


Gabby1822 said...

Oh wow! That sounds really awesome. Can wait to see and I would love to be a model :)

missnikyfashion said...

Yeah!! Good luck! Hope it will succeed!!

Abril. said...

Wow :) I'm a graphic designer and i could be a model too. Tell me if you have a question, i'm Rebeldefff on stardoll

Adilyla said...

i'm really good at doing graphic stuf

Anonymous said...

may I PLEASE be a model for your magazine? My stardoll name is allison01231.

Anonymous said...

by the way, if i can be a model, can you leave me a stardoll message? thx,

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone! I have informed all the people who are applying for a job about the requirements :)

missnikyfashion said...

I'd love to be a model!!