Saturday, December 18, 2010

Look-a-like Competition!

Hey guys! How do u like the new banner? Anyway, u probably noticed I wasn't following up on Fab 5 :( I admit I can't really manage it! So anyway, I will start a competition to see who can make the best look-a-like! It won't be weekly but if it runs well and everything's easy I might.

Here are the rules:

1. You must be a follower of Stardoll News & Tips.
2. Search for an inspiring look (must be real)
3. Re-create the look in your Suite or Starplaza.
4. Take a print screen or get the look (Stardoll look!) saved.
5. Send your username, the real look and the Stardoll version to:

Good luck and be creative! The top 3 entries will be mentioned. Deadline is on 25th of December. Christmas! 



Mandy said...

well Cant i Enter Lol ;P
This is my Enerace ^-^
My Stardoll Look:

In Real:


fikrianna said...

i am in. already sent..;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks fikrianna and Mandy :) I will look at them!

Kerry x said...

Stardoll username:Kerry.P.N

Original picture:

Stardoll version(makeup):

Stardoll version(clothes):

sorry the makeup and clothes arent in one picture, the hair is superstar so i couldnt save it on my medoll and it was another medoll.Also sorry the shorts/hotpants are black and not the original pictures color, there wasnt any in the shop(or atleast none that i liked haha!)