Monday, November 15, 2010

Non-Superstar covergirl contest!

Hello Everyone,
skittle911 here and i am going to make you covergirl! This contest is for NON-SUPERSTARS only because anyone who wins covergirl is superstar. The prize is a gift from me or one of my many accounts :P If i can i will send you a superstar gift but if i can't then i will give you a non-superstar gift. Also with my computer editor i will make you on the cover of Skit.Mag.
  • write why you think you should be on the cover. I will pick the most original
  • contest ends on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 21st
  • send your entry to:

Hope you join you have a week!


Nicole:-) said...

Can You Give Me The Link To The Magazine Please;D?

Finola said...

Hi can wait!How do you enter?xxx Mrs.Bieber1000 ♥