Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday

Hey girls! As you may have noticed there is a new thing called 'Black Friday' which is the same as the Gift-O-Meter if some of you remember that. It is a meter that gives you gifts the more you shop in Starplaza, it looks like this:

It's at the top right corner of your page and it's simply amazing! Just by buying these 2 items with my 5 SD from play and earn:

I got this cute tee:

Apparently there is a limit of gifts so it's better if you buy a lot of stuff at once so you can get a bigger gift. Also it strikes me that its BLACK Friday and so is my shirt. Do you think it's on purpose or a coincidence? Tell us in comments please and don't forget to join Skittle911's club and enter for FAB 5!

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