Saturday, November 6, 2010

And the winning segment....

The segment you voted for was the one where I give reviews of the top 5 medolls, albums, suites and sceneries and I'm calling it 'Fab 5!' I have picked a few that caught my eye but from now on you can nominate your medoll, album etc. at the blog's email: so the people I pick actually want to be mentioned! BTW I judge everything the way it is without changing ppl's clothes or suites and I picked these ppl by just looking at the friends of the ppl who visit me and logged in ppl and ppl who comment on ppl who visit ppl who are BFFS with ppl who send broadcasts!

Top 5 Medolls (in no specific order) :




Top 5 albums (no specific order):

Top 5 sceneries (no specific order) :
'Dancing in the dark'  leilaatnootje2

Top 5 suites (in no specific order and VERY hard to pick!)

princess-sugar (no offence but the parts that were open!)

So if you want YOUR name to be here! Pimp up your medolls and fix your albums cuz maybe you got what it takes to be on next week's edition of FAB 5! Just email us at

PS: Next week the winners WILL be in order of the best!
PPS: I don't choose ppl if they are superstar it was mostly coincidental! 
PPPS :) : Everything is judged on creativity and not amount and I might like someones album or 
scenery but hate their suite, though i only judge the selected category!


mariaisabelfan said...

Great ideaa :)
Take part and you will be feautured in Stardoll News&Tips every week :D

Anonymous said...

Thanks I'm glad you like it! Please encourage everyone to take part :)