Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smooky Eyes Make-Up Tutorial!

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Anyway this is a tutorial of smookey eyes makeup on Stardoll!Just see the pictures below!

1.We first apply black eye pencil.Be careful not to apply it in the whole eye,only in the sides!
2.Put mascara so that they eye is more smookey and bright!
3.Apply black and fusion coral eye shadow like in the picture below

Only these steps?Yep :) It only takes about 1 minute to have smookey eyes!You can try it too!

Here are some accessories that match with this make up!

All products from Dot,Glam'r us,Splendid!




Mandy said...

i Loved The After,its So Cute :)

mariaisabelfan said...

:D thanks a lot sweetie!